This website lists follow-up opportunities for teachers and administrators in Regions 3 and 4 who have completed the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) course. Opportunities will be offered in various formats including regional workshops, unit study meetings, and webinars. If you are interested in participating in any of the options, please refer to your specific region's link to the left or email a member of the MTI support staff to check for availability.

The school districts in the state of Idaho are divided into six regions by the Idaho State Department of Education. The map to the left displays the six regions across the state. Follow-up opportunities listed on this site are for educators in Regions 3 and 4.  If you are in regions 1, 2, 5 or 6, please go to the MTI page on the State Department of Education’s website for more information about support in your region. 

In addition, the "online" menu item provides important information about online support opportunities.


Listed below are just a few of the various types of support activities available following the MTI course. Availability depends upon interest, resource, and MTI project personnel availability. If you are interested in more information, please contact a member of the MTI support staff.

Regional Workshops

The purpose of the MTI regional workshops are to provide follow-up support after participation in the MTI course. The workshop content is typically focused on understanding important underlying mathematical structures in particular content topics with connections to the Common Core State Standards. The MTI regional workshops are available to districts, schools, and teachers who are interested in implementing the ideas from the MTI course.


The purpose of the regional unit study meetings is to provide an effective and scalable model for providing follow-up support to those schools and districts requesting intensive support following the MTI course. The goal of the unit study meetings is to lead district and school leadership teams through a process to learn the specialized content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and knowledge of student thinking within a specific content domain within the Idaho Core Standards for Mathematics. For specific unit study meetings scheduled in each region, please refer to your specific region's link to the left.

In-service Professional Development

The purpose of the in-service professional development by the MTI project staff is to serve the specific mathematics professional development needs/requests from schools and districts. This can take on many formats depending upon the specific request from a district. This is subject to the availability of the MTI project staff.

Regional CCSS Math Support Conference

The purpose of the Regional CCSS & Math Initiative conferences is to provide information and support to schools and districts around implementation of the ideas from the MTI course and the CCSS for Mathematics. They were provided to school districts across the state during the spring of 2012 and are tentatively planned again for the sprint of 2013.

Click here for the spring 2012 conference materials

MTI Webinars

The purpose of the MTI Webinars is to support school personnel in implementing the concepts and instructional strategies from the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) course. IN addition, the webinars focus on building familiarity and understanding of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics by examining strategies, models, and contexts that support their implementation. The webinars are designed to be approximately an hour in length and participants can watch the archived versions at any time following the webinar.

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