Improving Teachers' Monitoring of Learning (ITML)

What is ITML?

Improving Teachers' Monitoring of Learning (ITML) is a three-year project focusing on developing teachers' understanding and ability to formatively assess students' understanding of mathematics and literacy.

The Institute for Education Sciences (IES) has funded ITML for three years. Drs. Thiede, Brendefur, Carney, Stewart, and Osguthorpe from Boise State University will be working with the Meridian School District.

Each year, 8 elementary schools are randomly chosen: two each to receive professional development in Developing Mathematical Thinking (DMT), formative assessment (FA), both, or none.

How is it structured?

The professional development is varied and continuous over the year. Each teacher will participate in a 15 hour-long institute during the summer or in early September. Then teams of teachers will meet with project staff 14 to 18 days throughout the academic year. During this time, the teachers receive extra professional development, observe lessons taught by IDMT staff, or receive reflective feedback after their lessons have been observed. Each school will have a specific content focus: number and algebra, formative assessment, or both.

What makes ITML Different?

1) IDMT staff work with the faculty at the school and on a continuous basis throughout the year.

2) Focus on how to assess students' ideas over time and how teachers build learning environments to best promote this.