Graduate Certificate in the Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement (GC-MCTE)
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The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies (CIFS) at Boise State University (BSU) offers the Graduate Certificate in the Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement (GC-MCTE). The program is focused on preparing and building the skills of individuals who are interested in becoming better elementary and middle school teachers, mathematics coaches or teacher leaders.

MCTE Brochure
ProGram Objectives

The program objectives are to develop participants’ expertise in the following areas:

--Knowledge of learning progressions for major K-12 mathematics topics and their application in the classroom
--Knowledge and use of current and seminal research literature related to mathematics education to improve instructional practice and student achievement
--Facilitate continuous improvements in student learning through examination of classroom instructional practices with a focus on meaningfully building all students’ learning and application of the content and mathematical practice standards found in the Common Core
--Demonstrate ability to facilitate mathematics professional development and collaboration among teachers, including support through professional learning communities
--Facilitate evaluation of student work, discourse, and assessment data and determine appropriate instructional response(s) utilizing that information.
--Knowledge of learning theories and their meaningful application in multiple educational environments through the use of varied instructional resources
--Improve public understanding of mathematics research and associated learning theories through community outreach and collaboration with families

The MCTE program includes a variety of course options along with the required courses. The courses in the GC-MCTE program are all taken for graduate credit and can be applied to a Master's or doctoral level program at Boise State University. In addition to the graduate certificate, program participants who successfully complete the required courses with have demonstrated the necessary competencies to receive an institutional recommendation for the Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement through the Idaho State Department of Education.

GC-MCTE Program Tuition

The GC-MCTE is a self-support program. The benefit to students is that the tuition expenses for the GC-MCTE courses are significantly lower than typical graduate credits at $225 per credit or $675 per course. However, the classes cannot be applied toward full-time status, regardless of how many classes or credits you take.  In addition, fee waivers do not apply to self-support programs.

GC-MCTE Program Course Requirements

The following chart details the course requirements for the GC-MCTE program. 

Several of the GC-MCTE courses are offered or being developed in a hybrid format. Hybrid course replaces 40-60% of classroom instruction with online activities. Students can expect to spend as much time participating online as they would in a traditional course. Students must be able to access the Internet frequently and conveniently and must be competent at using e-mail, managing files, navigating Web sites, and willing to learn new online programs such as VoiceThread. We strive to maintain the social-cognitive approach to instruction through the online portions of the course that many people are familiar with from our face-to-face courses, such as the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction or MTI course that was mandated for certification in the state of Idaho. In addition, we make an effort to schedule the face-to-face portion of the GC-MCTE courses in a manner that is convenient and accessible to practicing in-service teachers.  

GC-MCTE Course Schedule 2014-15

Due to the self-support nature of the GC-MCTE program we have minimum course enrollments that must be met in order to run a course.

Fall 2014 Courses

ED-CIFS 547 Measurement & Geometry

ED-CIFS 548 Probability, Data Analysis and Statistics

Spring 2015 Courses

ED-CIFS 546 Building Teacher Leaders of Mathematics
Action Research in the Mathematics Classroom

Getting Started

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Program Contact

Michele Carney, PhD
MCTE Program Coordinator & Associate Director for IDMT
Assistant Professor

Jonathan Brendefur, PhD
IDMT Director