Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI)

In 2007, the Idaho State Department of Education formed a joint task force committee to determine the needs and make recommendations regarding a statewide mathematics initiative. Based on the committee's recommendation, the Idaho state legislature and State Board of Education passed rule in spring of 2008 requiring all K-12 mathematics educators and administrators in the state to take a three-credit professional development course titled Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) for re-certification by September of 2014.

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The focus of the MTI course and follow-up is to enhance Idaho elementary and secondary teachers' knowledge of mathematics, their understanding of how students' best learn mathematics, and their ability to teach mathematics in a more effective manner. In addition, these teachers develop and use strategies to assist all students -high- and low-achieving- to understand mathematics and perform better on multiple achievement measures. Data collected through Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) inventories and course evaluation document indicate significant changes in teachers' mathematical ability and understanding, self-efficacy, and beliefs.

The MTI course and follow-up  it focuses on the importance of taking students' ideas seriously, encouraging multiple strategies, promoting conceptual understanding through discourse, focusing on misconceptions and understanding the key structural ideas of the relevant mathematics.

We are entering the 5th year of the project. The focus is on teaching the MTI course and providing follow-up support to teachers and administrators at the school level through multi-tier follow-up. Through this process participating teachers, working closely with the regional mathematics specialists, have increased their capacity to teach mathematics to K-12 students and collaborate effectively with their colleagues.

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